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What is an alumni advocate?

It’s simpler than it sounds. It is alumni speaking up about the fate of higher education and their own alma mater. Advocacy is about empowering alumni to express themselves in any one of a number of ways to be a voice for our children’s future.

Speak up on behalf of UC San Diego

You don’t have to go to Sacramento to let your voice be heard. We need your help in contacting your elected officials.

The multi-year state budget gap estimated for UC is large. UC is bracing for a minimum $500 million budget cut -- which could increase to over $1 billion.  We've been working hard to achieve savings and efficiencies across the system for several years now.
Here's how:
  • Over the last four years the UC campuses have laid off more than 4,400 people. More lay-offs may come.
  • Over 3,700 positions have been left unfilled. This will likely continue.
  • We've already downsized UC headquarters and cut over $55 million.
  • We'll achieve $500 million in savings, system-wide, over the next five years.
  • We've cut administrative and academic units between 6% and 35%.
  • We've already reduced spending on travel.
  • We've already expanded shared campus purchasing.
  • We've already implemented strategic energy savings programs.
  • We've deferred spending on equipment purchases.
Every effort has been made to reduce the impact of these cuts on academic programs, but our campuses have been forced to cut course offerings, eliminate majors, increase undergraduate class sizes and reduce library hours. More reductions are in store if our funding commitment from the state does not change.

No other state investment can claim the kind of return that UC provides for California taxpayers.
  • For every $1 in research funds the state contributes, UC attracts $8 more in federal and private support.
  • UC researchers average four inventions a day, and have developed more patents than any other U.S. university.
UC's mission depends upon achieving stable funding.

California is competing with the top 10 economies in the world and needs an educated and technically knowledgeable work force. Investment in higher education enhances our competitiveness and also generates new revenue for the state general fund to bolster California's long-term fiscal health. To preserve our mission, we're going to need stable funding from the state. We understand that the state budget is in crisis. UC is doing its part.

Here's where you come in. Please send a letter today, urging our state legislators to preserve a great UC system for California.