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The Order of the Tritons was created in 1997by the UC San Diego Office of Government and Community Relations. Initially, the Order was referred to as the Chancellor’s Organization of Allied Students, or COAST. In 2008, the Order reviewed its purpose and vision, and decided to change its name and image to better represent the campus community.

The organization provides students with the opportunity to develop their public relations, communication and general leadership skills. Students use these skills to further the objectives of the University by attending functions in the community and serving as representatives of undergraduate leadership. Initially, group members accompanied the Chancellor during visits with elected officials, and at University events and informal round table discussions with senior campus administrators, alumni, and community leaders. At these functions, members greeted guests, distributed programs and name tags, and shared the perspective of student life on campus. In 2002, the UC San Diego Alumni Association adopted the Order to serve as its advisor. The group became more engaged and very active a year later.

Currently, the Order members participate in a variety of campus events, including the annual Alumni Awards for Excellence, Chancellor’s Associates donor luncheons, UC San Diego Inspiring Minds regional lectures, donor activities, and campus community gatherings such as Spirit Night and UC San Diego Board of Overseers meetings. Their role is to greet guests, host tables, facilitate conversations, share the student perspective, and assist with tasks as needed.

The Order is made up of a dynamic group of active and professional students, many of whom maintain strong ties to UC San Diego and the UCSD Alumni Association beyond graduation. Two of the founding members went on to charter the Boston Alumni Chapter, and another became the President of the New York Alumni Chapter. The President of the Silicon Valley Alumni Chapter is also a group alumna. Former members also make up the core group of representatives in the Young Alumni Council for the UC San Diego Alumni Association, and others have hosted current members who travel across country for campus events. This illustrates that the Order is not simply developing student leaders, but is also preparing alumni leaders of the future.

Marylynn Bui
President, Order of the Tritons
University of California, San Diego 2014
mmbui@ucsd.edu | (510) 861-9092
Caeser Feng
Manager, Order of the Tritons
University of California, San Diego 2014
caeser.feng@gmail.com | (626) 340-1086

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