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Alumni works within UC San Diego Advancement to create a proud, loyal, and grateful Triton Family by supporting professional success, delivering profound experiences, and building meaningful and lasting relationships among students, alumni and community partners at home and worldwide.

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Management Team

Jeff Grantham
Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Outreach
(858) 246-0235 | Price Center East

Jeff oversees branding, marketing and communications for UC San Diego Alumni, including alumni relations, the Career Center and The Basement. In this capacity he oversees the departments digital and print communications, social media communities, partnership programs and web properties.

Jaya Cummaragunta
Chief Operations Officer, UC San Diego Alumni
(858) 246-2044 | Price Center East

Jaya has daily oversight of Alumni Operations, with strategic insight to maintain a customer-centered operation unit that supports the goals of the department and university. Jaya has a strong background in innovation, product development, project management, people and leadership development, marketing, finance, and operations implementation. Jaya got her Master’s in Business Administration from Santa Clara University and an undergraduate degree in horticulture from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

Jarrett Haley
Editor in Chief, Triton Magazine
(858) 534-5630 | Price Center East
Jarrett is the editor-in-chief of Triton magazine. Prior to joining UC San Diego, he produced several literary and public safety magazines, as well as publications for the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame.

Gloria A. Negrete
Director of Planning & Strategic Initiatives
(858) 822-5221 | Price Center East
Gloria directs strategic initiatives to advance opportunities and departmental goals. Her experience in higher education is in directing programs, corporate relations, business development, fundraising and advising. She worked in public relations, publishing, nonprofits and startups for several years.

Craig Schmidt
Executive Director, UC San Diego Career Center
(858) 534-0143 | Career Center

Craig oversees the UC San Diego Career Center, which includes career education and advising services. The center provides comprehensive career and professional assistance to UC San Diego students and alumni, seeking to define career goals and make connections to employing organizations, graduate and professional schools. Craig also oversees the Center’s Industry Engagement team; developing relationships with employers to create job and internship opportunities for our students, and the Student Employment Office, which oversees on-campus student jobs along with specific off campus Work- study opportunities.

Paula Thomas '87
Chief of Campus Relations
(858) 822-0145 | Price Center East

Paula is responsible for the management of Alumni engagement efforts in the academic divisions, graduate and professional schools. She provides leadership to campus-wide strategic initiatives involving students and alumni, and directs alumni volunteer programs. Paula also oversees the affinity engagement and UCSD Alumni Board operations.

Sean Burns
Director, Global Engagement & Advancement
(858) 246-1944 | Price Center East

Sean oversees UC San Diego’s worldwide alumni clubs along with a team of outreach officers focused on engaging alumni as volunteers, corporate partners, and/or philanthropists. His work is focused on creating and stimulating activity where alumni are located, allowing them to be active members of both their local alumni community and the greater Triton network. 

Campus Relations

Director, Alumni Relations, Arts & Humanities
(858) 534-9048
Jesus Sanchez
Volunteer Engagement Manager
(858) 246-0237

Lisa Kellogg
Director, Alumni Relations for Academic Divisions and Graduate & Professional Schools
(858) 534-9394
Joe Cribari
Director, Alumni Relations, Jacobs School of Engineering
(858) 246-1862

Director, Alumni Relations, Bio-Science 
(858) 822-4622
Jennie Van Meter '90
Director, Alumni Relations, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
(858) 246-0234

Ryan Crawford
Director, Alumni Relations, Physical Sciences
(858) 822-4762
Jenelle Dean '05
Director, Alumni Relations, Social Sciences
(858) 246-0232

Nurit Mandel
Director, Alumni Relations, GPS
(858) 822-6756
Cyndy Stalmaster '93
Director, Alumni Relations, Health & Medical Professions
(858) 822-3540 

Stacy Skubic
Director, Alumni Relations, Rady School
(858) 822-5069
Zarah Idos
Alumni Board
(858) 822-5345

Ryan Perez
Triton 5K Race Promoter
(858) 246-2094

Signature Events

Eliza Wiggins
Assistant Director, Signature Programs & Volunteer Engagement
(858) 534-6406
Cliff Carter
Regional Event Coordinator
(858) 534-9466

Lindsay Beacco
Regional Event Coordinator, Alumni Programs
(858) 534-5659

Triton Publications

Jarrett Haley
Editor-in-Chief, Triton Magazine
(858) 534-5630
Malinda Danziger '00
Managing Editor, Triton Magazine
(858) 534-9468 

Marketing & Digital Outreach

Jeff Grantham
Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Outreach
(858) 246-0235
Leo Kosuge '08
Analyst, Web and Digital Marketing
(858) 822-5807

Diane Distefano
Associate Director, Alumni Communications
(858) 534-9459
Kaitlyn Ziegenhorn
Program Promotions & Graphic Designer
(858) 822-6509

Director, Creative Services
(858) 534-0147
Manny Pantoja
TES Graphic Designer/Illustrator
(858) 534-9476

Rebecca Wheeler
Social Media Strategist
(858) 246-1865

Industry Engagement & Regional Advancement

Sean Burns
Director, Global Engagement & Advancement
(858) 246-1944
Michelle Tillman
Associate Director, Employer Relations
(858) 534-9197

Richard Rathburn
Senior Associate Director, Industry Engagement
(858) 822-4055 
Kristen Itahara
Employer Events Specialist
(858) 534-6710

Casilda Pagan
Regional Alumni Club Manager
(858) 246-1865
Brandon Takata '05
Assistant Director, Alumni Outreach - Los Angeles
(209) 914-4130

Marilyn Li
Director, China Outreach
(858) 534-9469

Career & Professional Development

Lee Desser
Career Advisor
(858) 534-0158
Marco Rizo '08
Program Representative
(858) 534-0153

Mary Lewis
Administrative Coordinator-Supervisor
(858) 534-0150
Connie Ruan '15
Administrative Analyst
(858) 534-0148

Director, Career Education & Advising
(858) 246-1682
Katherine Collins
Associate Director, Career Services Admin/Tech/Strategic

Joel Tolson
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 822-7950
Giulia Hoffmann
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 534-0141

Emily Le
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 534-0139
Jessica Kongthong
Health Professionals Career Advisor
(858) 534-0139

Analia Mendez
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 534-1606
Roxanne Farkas
Career Advisor
(858) 534-0144

Jered Lish
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 534-6489
Michael Stromayer
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 822-4874

Essay Critique Specialist
(858) 534-4501
Albert Lopez
Technology Resource Analyst
(858) 822-3259

Joel Tolson
Student Affairs Officer
(858) 822-7950
Admin Projects Specialist
(858) 534-3750

Adele Savage
Coordinator of HMP3 under the direction of Dr. David Artis

Operations & Services

Roland Osae-Oppong
Operations Manager
(858) 534-1336
Mendy Casarez '10
Administrative Assistant
(858) 534-3751

Scott Mounier '95
Alumni Business Process Analyst
(858) 822-5054
Program Representative
(858) 534-9297

Jeaniqua Francis
TES Administrative Assistant
(858) 822-3188
Lourdes Mills
Program Representative

Jessica DeMaster
TES Admin Assistant, Alumni Relations
(858) 534-0263

ACE Business Office

Kelly Todd
Financial Specialist
(858) 534-1180
Aimee Turpin '09
Senior Budget Analyst-Supervisor
(858) 822-3795 

The Basement

Gloria A. Negrete
Director, Planning and Strategic Initiatives
Basement Relations & Advancement
(858) 822-5221
Silvia Mah '04
Curriculum Design & Strategy

The Basement Coordinator
(858) 534-1259
Commercialization Officer
(858) 534-1218