UCSD Alumni




Your alumni community, over 175,000 strong, is always close no matter where you live! Socialize or intellectualize—online or in-person—anytime, anywhere. 


Join your regional club to connect with alumni who enjoyed a similar UCSD experience and find opportunities for social and professional networking. Alumni clubs host career networking nights, lectures, community service activities, sporting events, family picnics, mixers and much more! With more than 25 clubs around the world, you’re certain to find a club near you!

Professional Groups

Find alumni in your chosen profession and make those connections! Professional groups publish alumni directories, host networking events and build relationships with companies seeking to recruit UCSD students.

Academic Groups

Stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries and research from your academic department and attend insightful lectures hosted by prominent and distinguished faculty members.

Student Groups

Current students are just alumni-in-training… Learn about our current student groups and how you can volunteer to meet with a student to share your UCSD experience.