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Drug To Reverse Huntington’s Disease Symptoms

With a single drug treatment, researchers at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at UC San Diego’s School of Medicine can silence the mutated gene responsible for Huntington’s disease, slowing and partially reversing progression of the fatal neurodegenerative disorder in animal models.

The Bud Whipple Endowed Memorial Scholarship recognizes a medical student who, despite personal adversity, has demonstrated an unselfish commitment to others and has displayed exceptional human kindness to their colleagues and patients. The recipient of the 2012 Bud Whipple Scholarship has been awarded to Karen Levy. “Karen is one student whose life story speaks to the power of strength, resilience, and perseverance,” says Lindia Willes-Jacobo, assistant dean for diversity and community partnerships, and professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine. She adds, “Karen is hardworking and determined, and has excelled at all levels of her training.”

In addition to her studies, Levy is involved with the Student-Run Free Clinic, where she facilitates access to no-cost primary care and services to patients who would have no other way of accessing healthcare. “She is steadfast in her commitment to giving back to underserved communities,” says Jacobo.

More about Bud Whipple Endowed Memorial Scholarship
In 1979, Albert “Bud” Whipple, then a third-year medical student at UC San Diego, died suddenly from complications of Marfan Syndrome, a rare heart disorder. To honor his memory, and to help other students like Bud, several members of the Class of 1981, including Jim Rice, ’77, M.D. ’81; Murray Reicher, M.D. ’81; Danielle Reicher, ’77, M.D. ’81; and Frank Longo, ’77, M.D. ’81, Ph.D. ’83, established an endowed scholarship in his honor – the first of its kind at the School of Medicine.