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Inspiring Minds: The Dynamics of Personal Influence


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Inspiring Minds: The Dynamics of Personal Influence

Date: 4/25/2012
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location at: Medical Education and Telemedicine Building
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093
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Registration for this event is now closed. However, we are happy to take on-site walk-in registrations at the event.

How are we connected to others? How do these social networks drive and shape our lives? What does it mean for businesses?

You may have noticed how trends in clothes and music spread through social networks. It turns out that all kinds of conditions and behaviors—including obesity, smoking, altruism, voting and happiness—can flow through them as well. Join us for an evening with Professor James Fowler, Ph.D., whose research on social networks has been featured in Harvard Business Review's Breakthrough Business Ideas.

Presented in partnership with Chancellor's Associates Young Alumni (CAYA).

Free for Alumni Benefactors and Chancellor's Associates*
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$10 for Alumni and Guests

About James Fowler

James Fowler
is Professor of Medical Genetics and Political Science at the University of California, San Diego. He was recently named a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and one of Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers.

James's work lies at the intersection of the natural and social sciences. His primary interests include social networks, behavioral economics, evolutionary game theory, political participation, cooperation, and genopolitics (the study of the genetic basis of political behavior).

James has been interviewed by Stephen Colbert and was named "most original thinker" of the year by The McLaughlin Group. His research on genopolitics with Chris Dawes has been featured in New York Times Magazine's Year in Ideas. His work on overconfidence with Dom Johnson has been featured in Discover Magazine's Year in Science. And his research on social networks with Nicholas Christakis has been featured in Time's Year in Medicine and in Harvard Business Review's Breakthrough Business Ideas.

View James Fowler at TEDx San Diego by clicking the photo below.

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