Four Dramatic Decades
In 1972, UC San Diego's Theatre and Dance Department student productions were usually produced in a shack in Muir College, and one was even mounted at Black's Beach.
Alumni Weekend 2013
From Family Night at the Birch Aquarium, to running in the Triton 5K in support of student scholarships, we're inviting you to imagine your own adventure.
House of Cards
Jerry Fons, M.A. '81, Ph.D. '85, an employee of Moody's for 17 years, testified before Congress on the role of credit rating agencies during the economic meltdown of 2008.
At the Ends of the Earth
UC San Diego researchers explore a mysterious lake, thousands of feet below the Antarctic ice.
Sapphire and Silicon
Ron Reedy, Ph.D. ’84, and Mark Burgener, Ph.D. ’89 launched San Diego-based Peregrine Semiconductor in 1990, turning a complicated technology into a commercially viable product.

Currents at a glance

When Planets Colide
Where did all the water on Earth come from? That’s one question being asked by a scientist...
Mars Invaders
There are 110 known Mars meteorites on Earth, and one of them has ended up in the Urey Hall chemistry laboratory...
Early La Jolla Filmmakers
San Diego has long been considered a premiere location for motion picture films and TV productions...
Robot Death Fights
Twelve giant robots who “fight to the death.” Perhaps you’ve seen it on the Syfy network (Tuesdays at 10 p.m.).
Cancer Drugs and Algae
UC San Diego biologists made headlines recently for developing new strains of algae...
Terminal Art
“Homeland,” UC San Diego artist Louis Hock’s new public art piece at Los Angeles International Airport...
An Eye Into Alzheimer's
Sticky plaques of proteins called amyloids mark several degenerative brain diseases including Alzheimer’s
Food Revolution
Whether tucked away among the eucalyptus groves or secretly ensconced within student housing...

Online Exclusives

Social Butterfly
Ashley Bradbury spends her entire workday on Facebook—it’s her job!
Dynamic Duo
Nick Norton and Craig Vermeyen are Better Looking People With Superior Ideas.
Strange Frame
For G.B. Hajim, art is a powerful medium of communication.