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Michelle Lee, Muir '10

As an undergrad, Michelle Lee, Muir ’10 thought she would go into the medical field. But a change of scenery, and of heart, led her to her true calling.

Originally from San Francisco, Lee was attracted to the environment at UCSD because it was both laid back, yet academically challenging. She knew early on that science was her forte.

“I felt most drawn to biology because I felt it was so pertinent to our lives,” said Lee, who decided on a biology major during her sophomore year. “Just walking around campus, I could really see and understand how all these different processes work.”

Lee stayed active both on and off campus. She joined pre-health fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, volunteered at a hospital, and began tutoring students at the Preuss School. It was the latter engagement where she felt most connected.

“I wasn’t satisfied with what the health profession was giving me,” Lee said. “But when I went into class, I felt like I could really share my ideas and make students excited about science. I would teach them that science is like a puzzle. Sometimes some of the pieces are missing. Sometimes you find new pieces.”

After graduating with a degree in biology, Lee continued to volunteer at the Preuss School for another year. She then moved back up to San Francisco, and worked for an organization called “EdFund,” where she continued to work actively with students and teachers, broadening her experience by teaching an English class.

She’s now working on a teaching credential at Columbia University, which she will complete at the end of summer 2013. Her goal is to stay in the classroom for as long as she can.

“It keeps me motivated and wanting to learn more and more,” Lee said. “I like being able to share my ideas and challenge these students.”