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Face it, Tritons—we’re different. We come from a different kind of university. We’re not big on bricks and ivy—our league is another entirely.

As alumni, your collective vision is one that will make a real difference for the campus, and beyond. You have the power to help advance UC San Diego and all of the people it serves—from the students who are following in your steps, to supporting the wonder of the arts, the thrill of scientific discovery and the marvel of technology. You have the power to help UC San Diego make positive change for the greater good.

Together with your philanthropic support—which contributes to the Campaign for UC San Diego—we can continue the nontradition that makes our campus so great.

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The Campaign for UC San Diego: Continue the nontradition
At the University of California San Diego, challenging convention is our most cherished tradition. The Campaign for UC San Diego is a university-wide comprehensive fundraising effort to transform the student experience, our campus, and ultimately the way humanity approaches problems and develops solutions.

Learn more at campaign.ucsd.edu.

Can’t find the area that you would like to support? Visit Give Now, or contact us to learn about additional giving opportunities at (858) 534-1610 or giving@ucsd.edu.

UC San Diego Alumni Changemaker
Alumnus Taner Halicioglu Establishes Data Science Institute with $75 Million Gift

As a child, Taner Halicioglu ’96 discovered how things worked by dissecting electronic equipment—it could be a radio or walkie talkie, and even a TV at one point. At UC San Diego, the self-described nerd didn’t mind that the campus lacked a football team—access to the Supercomputer Center was just as exciting. And today, he is a visionary: with a $75 million gift, Halicioglu will ensure that his alma mater represents the future of data science.

“This is one of my first times giving big money,” the 42-year-old said. “I’m giving something up, but getting something back. I want to do something transformative.”

As an undergraduate studying computer science, Halicioglu remembers feeling a strong sense of camaraderie with other students and faculty. That camaraderie, combined with access to excellent resources, is what turned him on to the field of computer operations. His undergraduate experience, along with a desire to help students while also promoting the field of data science, is what led him to make the largest alumni gift the campus has ever received to establish the Halicioglu Institute for Data Science at UC San Diego.