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We are accelerating new understandings of human cognition, communication and expression through the sciences, arts and humanities.

UC San Diego’s interdisciplinary research approach is accelerating new understandings into the neurological and cultural bases of human cognition, communication and expression.

Revealing Deep Insights into the Human Brain
UC San Diego is one of the world’s leading institutions on the study of the brain and mind. By mapping pathways for information transfer and connections in the brain, and examining how these networks are impacted by aesthetic, environmental and social inputs, researchers ultimately hope to find new ways to predict and incentivize behavior for greater harmony. Learn More

Center for the Humanities
UC San Diego’s culture of collaboration and innovation has created strong interdisciplinary relationships. The Center for the Humanities was established to promote research and other activities in humanistic lines of inquiry at UC San Diego. The Center promotes interdisciplinary research on issues surrounding human experience and knowledge, and facilitates collaborations that inquire into issues that have, continue to, and now confront our diverse societies. The activities of the Center range from collaborative research groups to public events. Learn More

ArtPower! Student Engagement
ArtPower! at UC San Diego builds creative experiences in music, dance, film, exhibition and food for our collective pleasure and inspiration. We engage diverse audiences through vibrant, challenging, multi-disciplinary performances by emerging and renowned international artists. Through extensive partnerships, ArtPower! provides exciting opportunities for research, participation, and creation of new work, igniting powerful dialogue between artists, students, scholars and the community. Learn More

Center for Mindfulness
The UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness is a multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach intended to further the practice and integration of mindfulness into all aspects of society. We offer a broad range of programs and initiatives, from self-compassion, to healthy eating, to parenting, leveraging the practice of mindfulness to stay engaged, focused and fulfilled. Learn More