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Understanding and Protecting the Environment


UC San Diego’s roots in climate research, atmospheric chemistry, and marine science run deep. It was oceanographer Roger Revelle, UC San Diego’s founding father, who helped focus the world’s attention on climate change.

This pioneering work continues today as UC San Diego’s world-class marine, earth and atmospheric scientists are at the forefront of initiatives aimed at addressing global energy, food and environmental challenges.

Center for the Marine Biodiversity & Conversation
The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a center of interdisciplinary cooperation in research and education. The Center exists to promote a holistic, interdisciplinary approach in the education of future leaders in marine biodiversity and conservation, and in the direction and application research to the conservation of marine biodiversity. Learn More

Transformative research on the connections between the environment and human health
UC San Diego scientists explore a broad range of environmental changes in relation to human health. Research includes the search for novel sources for marine-based medicines to help cure human disease, investigation of red tides and harmful algal blooms, tracking emerging pollution risks to oceans and human health from seafood contamination, reducing pollution in South Asia by replacing traditional energy sources like wood and charcoal with modern transportable cookers, and documenting the changing nature of heat waves in California. Learn More

Deep Sea Research
The deep sea, previously considered untouchably remote, is a lot closer than many perceive. Human-generated pollution, overfishing, and climate change are having a direct impact on deep-sea environments and their inhabitants. Much remains to be studied and explored in the deep sea especially before humanity reaches down into the ocean depths and irreversibly changes what's there. Learn More

"By not knowing what's down there, we run the risk of destroying things before we've discovered them. Every time we make a new discovery we learn more about how life works and how it evolved." Lisa Levin, UC San Diego

Broaden the horizons for underserved children through education of the ocean
Learning about the ocean and its many wonders feels like a given for anyone in San Diego, but we have kids in school 12 miles away who feel like they’re 1,200 miles away. Many have never seen the ocean. Birch Aquarium provides ocean-focused education programs to underserved K-12 students across the region to inspire their curiosity, ignite their passions, and educate the next generation about our precious environmental resources.