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UC San Diego is working on some of the biggest challenges facing our society today. As a world-class research institution that brings together the top scientists, innovative academics and young minds, UC San Diego is uniquely positioned to advance the frontiers of knowledge and help conquer our most challenging societal issues. Our visionaries enjoy the freedom to cross traditional boundaries, helping to fuel breakthrough research. Our leading minds are looking for the next discoveries that benefit people around the world in all walks of life.

Which issues do you care about the most? See what UC San Diego is doing to drive social change.

Understanding and Protecting the Environment
UC San Diego’s roots in climate research, atmospheric chemistry, and marine science run deep. It was oceanographer Roger Revelle, UC San Diego’s founding father, who helped focus the world’s attention on climate change.

This pioneering work continues today as UC San Diego’s world-class marine, earth and atmospheric scientists are at the forefront of initiatives aimed at addressing global energy, food and environmental challenges.

Enriching Human Life and Society
UC San Diego Health Sciences is working on game-changing health research. We have long been known as a place where discoveries are made.

Today, we are known as a place where discoveries are delivered. Through “bench-to-bedside” research, we are transforming patient care through discovery and innovation leading to new drugs and technologies.

Exploring the Basis of Knowledge, Learning and Creativity

We are accelerating new understandings of human cognition, communication and expression through the sciences, arts and humanities.

UC San Diego’s interdisciplinary research approach is accelerating new understandings into the neurological and cultural bases of human cognition, communication and expression.

Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities

Discovery, outreach and inclusion – as a service-oriented public university, UC San Diego is committed to championing a progressive culture of teaching and learning.

Faculty, staff and students are united in exploring, understanding and addressing diversity equity and inclusion issues. The university strives to advocate for social justice that transforms well-being of communities around the globe.

Other Opportunities

These are just a few of the exciting ways that you, through UC San Diego, can make a difference in the world. For other giving opportunities, check out our campus crowdfunding platform or search for other areas to which you can direct your gift!