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France – Provence
Sep 13 - 21, 2016

Provence is where sundrenched beaches and undulating hills tie the Mediterranean to the Alps. This is your opportunity to experience the colorful scenery of the region that enraptured artists like Cezanne, Chagall and van Gogh. Writers have flocked and extolled this area as the Great Land of Inspiration for all that is French and fabulous. Enjoy a magical week with a limited size travel group for a truly memorable experience.


Spain - Ronda
Oct 4-12

Discover Ronda and sun-kissed Andalucía. This region of Spain is inextricably linked with the Moors, who occupied most of the Iberian peninsula from 711 to 1492. Their legacy remains in the architecture, the language and the food. Even the name of this wondrous region, Andalucía, comes from the Arabic name, Al-Andalus. Explore the great cities of Seville, Málaga and Granada, and marvel at great monuments, such as the Alhambra. Sample the sherry of Jerez, and enjoy meals of authentic regional cuisine in spectacular settings at several paradors, Spain’s boutique hotels. D