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UC San Diego Alumni Biotechnology Network

Welcome to the UC San Diego Alumni Biotechnology Professionals Network (BPN). This group is comprised of alumni from a broad array of professional fields within the life sciences sector. BPN is designed to provide a comprehensive series of professional networking opportunities to connect experienced alumni in the life sciences sector with fellow alumni and UC San Diego faculty members and Ph.D. students, as well as to facilitate alumni access to cutting-edge scientific research on campus. Together, BPN members combine a passion for their alma mater with the connections that they have made in the life sciences industry.

BPN members are working in all areas of biotechnology, including:

Health Care - Biopharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery, Biomedical Devices
Emerging Companies - Technology Transfer, Capital Formation
Intellectual Property - Patent Law, Bioprospecting, Intellectual Property & Trade
Public Policy - Regulatory Affairs, State Biotech Policy
Industrial & Environmental - Biofuels, Renewable Chemicals & Bio-based Materials

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For more information on the Biotechnology Professionals Network, please contact:

Staff Contact

Amelia Cortina
Interim Executive Director of Alumni Programs

Andrew Radin, '07
Chair, Biotech Professionals Network
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