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Triton Scholarship Program

Your support can make a big difference to someone who sees our alma mater as the first stop in a lifetime of discoveries. The Alumni Leadership Scholarship Program leverages matching funds to make meaningful contributions for our deserving students, establishing a legacy of alumni achievement.
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Support Scholarships

The gift of education has the power to transform lives. For a first generation college student, a scholarship can change a life's trajectory. Learn More | Give Now


Medical Research and Discovery

UC San Diego Health Sciences is a top-tier academic medical center, and a regional leader in improving health through research, education and patient care. Its commitment is to continue its quest to cure disease, seek better treatments and train the next generation of physicians and scientists. Your support makes this possible.
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Chancellor's Associates

Chancellor's Associates give the chancellor the flexibility to respond to the University's most urgent needs and critical priorities. A premier donor group, their annual gifts of $2,500 or more help further UC San Diego's mission of education, research and community service. Learn More  |  Give Now


Campus Greatest Needs

Find the causes and programs at UC San Diego that matter most to you. From scholarships and fellowships to research and program support, your philanthropic dollars can be directed to any number of funds.
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Many Ways to Make a Difference

Whether your passion is for scholarships, fellowships, your college or a specific program or department at UC San Diego, there are many ways that you can make a difference for today’s students and future generations. Discover additional opportunities and select an area most meaningful to you. Where to Give